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They both headed for the check out at the same time and nearly literally bumped into each other.  Anna spoke up first, "Elaine, it is good to see you!  I have been meaning to get in touch, but I have been getting Donald's affairs in order.  I am finally done and my Natty is home for the summer."  "Anna, thank you, I was so sorry to hear about Don's passing.  I am sure you heard that Sam and I are no longer."  Anna replied, "Yes I did hear, I am sorry to hear that.  So how have you been doing, you look great by the way."  Elaine chuckled and patted her belly, "Anna so do you!  I have been doing okay, I'm afraid I have taken too much solace in food though."  Anne giggled, patting her own substantial belly, "Elaine, not as much as I have.  I just can not stop cooking the way I did for Don and I, so I eat nearly everything I cook and of course it show!  But my Natty is home and he has a great appetite and he has already gained weight at college.  Elaine, how is your adorable daughter Katie doing?"  " Anna, Katie is doing very well in school, though she is no longer on the gymnastic team.  She got cut this January."  "Oh I'm sorry to hear that Elaine, how is she taking it?"  "Well to tell you the truth, Anna, I think Katie is enjoying herself for the first time in years.  She is very happy and her grades are great, she has gained some weight though."  Anna giggled, "I know, my Natty has gained a fair amount of weight too."

Elaine and Anna chatted awhile longer, both enjoying each other's company.  Anna said after several minutes, "Elaine, why don't you and Katie, join Natty and I for dinner.  I am sure they would both like to see each other and we can continue our talk."  Elaine smiled, "Oh Anna, that is a great idea, what time?" "Oh say around six, I am sure Natty will be hungry again."  "Katie and I will see you then!"  They hugged both thinking how much each other had gained.

Anna got home and unloaded the groceries.  I woke up and heaved myself off of the chaise.  "Hey Mom do you need any help?"  "No dearest I have it handled.  Oh guess who I ran into?"  "Who, Mom?" I asked.  "Elaine Folkes, you went to high school with her daughter, Katie."  "Oh yeah, how are they doing?"  "Mr. and Mrs. Folkes  got divorced this year and Elaine has gained almost as much weight as I have, but she seems to be a lot happier now.  Oh I invited Katie and Elaine over for dinner tonight." "What Mom, you invited Katie Folkes here, she was the hottest girl in high school!  I barely knew her, even though we were in the same home room for four years."  "Oh Natty you will be fine, besides, Elaine told me that Katie has gained weight since she got cut from the gymnastics team this winter."

I started to think, "Wow Katie Folkes gaining weight, this might be a better evening than I thought."

"Natty, I bought you some new underwear and swim suits."  She showed be the bikini briefs, which are my favorite style, but then she showed me the black nylon bikini cut swimsuits.  "Mom, I can't wear these!  What will Katie think!  I will look so fat!"  "Oh Natty dear, you will look just fine!" Admonished Anna.
Elaine got home too.  "Katie dear I'm back."  Katie had fallen asleep and woke up when Elaine called her.  "Oh good Mom, what did you get?"  "Look I bought you some new lingerie and some bikini bathing suits, dear."  Katie looked over her new under wear, she thought, "Wow size eights, I am getting big."  Elaine showed Katie all the food she bought. "Katie, help me put these things away, would you dear."  "Sure mom."  While they were putting away groceries Elaine mentioned, "Katie, I ran into Anna Fox at Wal-Mart when I was getting you some new things."  "Oh how is Mrs. Fox?" asked Katie.  "Oh she is doing pretty well, you know Mr. Fox passed away this year."  "Yes I remember you telling me."  "Well Anna was used to cooking for Mr. Fox, he was a pretty big man.  She has not been able to adjust to cooking just for herself and she has gained even more weight than I have."  "Really!" Katie exclaimed.  "How is her son Nat doing?  He was in my home room all through high school."  "You will find out for yourself tonight, Anna invited us to dinner at their house tonight."  "What!  Mom, I don't want Nat to see me this fat in a bikini!"  "Oh Katie, don't worry Anna told me that Nat has gained weight too.  I also know that Anna is going to cook all summer for him.  So I am sure that Nat is going to gain a lot more weight too!"  She giggled.

Elaine and Katie arrived at Anna and Nat's house right at six o'clock.  Anna exclaimed, "Oh Elaine, right on time!  Hi Katie, dear, you look wonderful, welcome home!"  Katie giggled absently patting her plump belly pressing up against her t-shirt cover up, "Thank you Mrs. Fox, you look good too." She was trying not to stare at Anna's bulging belly.  Elaine followed her daughter inside.  I came out to check out Katie and say hi to them.  

"Hi Katie, remember me?"  Katie giggled, "Yes Nat I do."  She was staring straight at my bulging belly, barely covered in a t-shirt and I had on a black brief bikini cut bathing suit, which did nothing to hide my weight gain.  I stammered, "Katie you look great!  Are you glad to be home?"  Katie giggled, "Thank you, Nat, you look pretty good yourself."  I was thinking, "Oh my God, she looks so hot with that pot belly and her bottom is to die for!"  Katie, looking Nat over, thought, "He looks so cute in that bikini brief, I bet his mom bought it!"

Anna announced, "Let's go out to the pool, I'm sure everyone is warm from being out here."  We all headed out to the pool/patio.  I was following Katie enjoying the view of her plump bottom cheeks bouncing up and down in her bikini.  "Nat, why don't you and Katie swim for a few minutes, dinner will be ready soon."  Katie pulled her t-shirt cover-up over her head, revealing her awesome belly and plump boobs, which all jiggled.  I pulled off my t-shirt, showing off my own belly.   We both climbed in he pool and leaned up against the side.

Katie giggled, "Nat it looks like our moms have really enjoyed the winter months.  Do you know how much your mom gained since your dad passed away?"  I was surprised at the weight gain statement and question.  "She told me she put on around fifty pounds.  I am trying to eat more, so that mom doesn't gain too much more weight.  She really likes to cook and she cooks a lot."  Katie poked my belly, "So Nat, you are going to be gaining more weight this summer then?"  I chuckled, "Yeah, the way my mom has been cooking just in the time I have been home, I am sure of it!"   I asked, "How is your mom holding up?"  Katie sighed, "My dad was so mean to her, even before the divorce started.  He always admonished her about her weight.  The divorce really was nasty and she took to overeating to calm down and to deal with everything.  She has gained around forty pounds.  But I have to say, that she seems a lot happier now."

I was curious to find out about her weight gain, I led off.  "I come honestly by being heavy, I love to eat, and my dad was pretty heavy all of his life.  Mom cooked huge meals for us, but I still managed to gain fifteen pounds at school."  Katie giggled, "Well I don't have to tell you that I packed on some pounds at school too.  I got cut from the gymnastics team in January, I broke up with my boyfriend, who was really a jerk, right after that.  I had always been dieting to stay slim and in shape for gymnastics, then all of a sudden I really did not have to worry about my weight anymore.  For the first time since I was like five or six years old, I could eat whatever I wanted, and I did!"  Katie patted her little belly.

Anna called out, "Katie and Natty, it is time for dinner!"  I called coming Mom and  followed Katie up the pool ladder, totally enjoying the view.  We padded over to the patio table, which Mom and Elaine had covered with heavy rich cook out foods, hamburgers, cheese-burgers, bratwursts, potato salad, macaroni salad, buns, and plenty of beer.  Elaine and Katie sat on one side and mom and I on the other, ending up Katie and I were facing each other.

We all dug in serving ourselves, modestly at first, but seconds and thirds really began to pile on.  There is nothing that stimulates the appetite more than to watch a member of the opposite sex stuff themselves.  The more I ate, the more Katie ate.  That only caused Elaine and Mom to encourage both us to eat even more!

After an hour of binging bliss, all four of us bloated and engorged!  I leaned back in my chair, my engorged belly sticking out, the t-shirt was riding up and I couldn't keep my eyes off of Katie.  She looked amazing. If I had not known better I would of have sworn that she was pregnant, her belly stuck out that far!  She was slouching back in her chair caressing her distended belly.  She giggled and winked at me.

Anna said, "Natty and Katie, you two ate so well, did you get enough to eat?"  I thought "Duh, mom we both look like we are going to burst!"  I stifled a burp, "I am fine Mom."  Katie piped up, "I'm good too, Mrs. Fox, it was great, I am so full!"

Anna said, "Well I hope not too full you two, I have a wonderful cheese cake and several sauces for us.  Natty, why don't you and Katie get in the Jacuzzi for a while, I am sure you will feel better after soaking for a few minutes."  "Katie are you up for a soak in the Jacuzzi?"  "Burp, Oh excuse me!  Yes Nat I love to get in the Jacuzzi!"

I hefted myself up and pulled down (at least tried) my t-shirt and came around the table to pull back Katie's chair for her.  She smiled, "Thank you, Nat, such a gentleman."   I chuckled, "Always for you!"  She turned and smiled at me again.

We pulled off our t-shirts.  I was trying to suck in my engorged belly, but with really no luck.  Katie pulled off her's, she smiled at me staring at my belly.  She giggled and patted her belly which she seemed to be sticking out and slid into the hot water.  I got into and started to sit opposite her.  "Nat, sit next to me."  I'm not an idiot, when a hot (chubby) girl beckons, you don't wait for a second.  I slid around and sat next to her.  She looked up at me, "Nat was that the most fantastic dinner ever! I loved watching you eat!  I'm so turned on right now!"  Before I could respond (the feeling was mutual), she rolled on top of me, pressing her bulging little belly up against my orb and kissed me hard on the lips.  When Katie pulled back, she still lay on me (much to my delight).  "Nat, when I started to eat more at school, I ate alone.  I really enjoyed eating, but it was a little lonely, even though it did turn me on.  When I got home and saw how much weight my mom had gained and then we binged together, it was awesome. But sitting across from you stuffing yourself, watching me stuff myself, with are moms pigging out too, oh my God it was unbelievable!"  I kissed her, reached around and sunk my hands into her soft, plump, bikinied bottom and kneaded her cheeks. Katie started to reach under her belly for my brief, when my mom called out, "Dessert you two!"  We both giggled "Wow what timing!"  I called "be right there mom!"  

I let go of Katie's bottom and she my brief, she rolled off of me and we got out.  We did not bother with our t-shirts and just padded over to the table.  We took our seats.  My mom asked Katie, "How big a slice Katie dear?"  She giggled as my mom moved the pie cutter around, "Oh bigger, bigger, just a bit more, perfect, Mrs. Fox!"  It was a huge slice.  "Ice cream dear?"  "Please Mrs. Fox, three scoops!"  Giggled Katie, looking over at me.  "Natty dearest?"  "I will have the rest mom and four scoops of ice cream please."  My mom smiled, "Good boy Natty, no leftovers."

Katie and I stuffed ourselves we were so turned on!  Elaine and Anna just watched amused that their respective protégés were eating so much, not realizing why.  It only took us fifteen minutes to pound the rich desert down.  

Elaine yawned.  "Katie dear we should get going and let Natty and Anna get to bed."  Katie looked at me and signaled with her hand for me to call her tonight. I watched as Katie made a show of extricating her round bottom and bulging belly from the chair she was in.  She winked at me and patted her engorged belly.  I hoisted myself up, my own belly was rock hard crammed with rich food.  It bulged straight out from my ribs, hard and taught.  My brief style bathing suit was doing nothing for my modesty.  

Anna and Elaine hugged, seemingly checking out each other largesse that evening.  Katie and I hugged, being as discreet as we could be with our mothers standing right there.  I followed Elaine and Katie to our front door.  I was enjoying the view of Katie's chubby bottom cheeks bouncing up and down in her bikini.  She looked over her shoulder more than once to be sure I was watching.

I helped mom clean up.  She kept poking my belly, "Natty, dear have you had enough to eat tonight?"   "Mom, I'm, I feel like I am going to burst I ate so much, dinner and dessert were great Mom, I really enjoyed them."  I had pulled on a t-shirt to help clean up, which was riding up on my belly.  We got the dishwasher loaded and started and Mom started to work on the potato and macaroni salad bowls.

"Natty dearest, I know you have had a lot to eat tonight, but could you finish these up for me, please dear, I don't want to eat them myself."  I thought, "She is setting me up again.  She knows I will eat anything, if she says she will have to eat it."  I answered, "Yes Mom, I will finish the macaroni and potato salads for you."

I just started eating right from the bowls.  Mom came up to me, patted my fat butt and put down an opened bottle of beer.  "Here honey wash down the salads with this."  I finished them both in fifteen minutes.  Now totally gorged with rich food, my belly felt like I had eaten a rock it was so hard.  "Burp, Oh excuse me, Mom I'm going up to bed."  "Oh Natty, just a second dearest, I want to ask you about Katie.  Isn't she so cute.  She looks wonderful, now that she has finally gained some weight.  She was so skinny in high school, with all that exercising she did."  "Yes Mom she really is very pretty, I would even say she is "hot" Mom."  "Natty, you should call her, I really think she likes you too."  "Mom, I'm going to call her is just a minute okay?"  Anna smiled, delighted that her chubby, but soon to be downright fat son may have found a "gaining girlfriend".  I staggered upstairs cradling my engorged bell.

Elaine and Katie got home.  Elaine's "cover-up" was straining to contain her bloated belly, she was so full from eating with Anna, Nat and Katie.  Katie was walking around in just a t-shirt pulled over her bikini.  Her own belly bulging out lifting the t-shirt up to reveal her black panty.  

Elaine asked, "Katie, did you have a nice time tonight?  I felt like I dragged you over to the Fox's house."  Katie absently patted her bulging belly.  "Mom I had a really wonderful time.  Anna can really cook, those salads were so rich and delicious.  I really enjoyed myself."  Elaine smiled, thinking to herself, "Oh good she doesn't seem concerned about her weight at all."  "Oh I'm so glad you had a nice time.  So what did you think about Natty Fox?"  "Mom his name is Nat, not Natty, only his mom calls him Natty.  I really like him he was so sweet and so cute in that bikini "Speedo" bathing suit with his belly and bottom sticking out!"  Katie giggled.  Elaine asked, "Did you see him in high school dear?"  "No Mom I did not.  Nat was kind of shy and he was pretty chubby then.  I was dating Trevor from the football team then too."  Elaine persisted, "So now you don't mind seeing Nat, even though he has gained more weight?"  Katie patted her belly, "Mom, I'm gaining weight too!  I don't mind at all that Nat has gained weight and from what I saw of the way his Mom insists that Nat eat everything she puts in front of him, I'm sure he is going to keep gaining weight!"

Katie's cell phone rang.  She looked down at it and giggled, "Oh good Nat's calling me right now!  I'm going up to my room Mom, 'night."  She went into her room and answered, "Hi Nat!"  "Hey, Katie, you guys get home okay?"  "Oh yeah we did Nat.  We didn't have that much to drink, just a lot to eat!"  She giggled.  "Oh Katie, I hope you didn't eat so much just to please my Mom and be polite?"  Katie giggled again running her hands over belly and bottom cheeks, lying on her bed.  "No Nat, I didn't eat just to be polite, though of course I wanted to be polite too.  But I loved your Mom's cooking, the salads were so rich and good, I could barely stop eating them."

Nat changed the subject, "Katie, uh um, I hope I didn't gross you out tonight wearing that "Speedo" bikini.  I know I am way to fat to be wearing something like that, but my Mom bought it for me."  Katie laughed out loud, "Nat I loved you in that bikini!  You look awesome to me, I love you belly and your bottom is to die for!"  Nat sighed, "Wow thanks Katie, that is the nicest thing a girl has ever said to me.  You looked pretty awesome in your bikini too!"  Katie giggled, "Nat I think I am going to get a lot more "awesome" in my bikini this summer.  I think my Mom wants to fatten me up!"  Nat thought, "Oh my God I would love to see Katie blow up like a little balloon!" "Katie, I know my Mom is going to fatten me up, she had me eat all of the leftover macaroni and potato salad tonight after you and your Mom left."  Katie shrieked, "Oh my God really Nat, you must be totally stuffed!  Is your belly really, really huge, now?"  "Katie my belly is shiny it is so stuffed!"   "Oh Nat I want to rub your belly so bad!"  "I know Katie, I wouldn't mind rubbing your belly too!"  They chatted for a few more minutes about how fat their respective Moms had become and why.  

Nat asked, "I would love to see you tomorrow, Katie, how about it?"  "Nat, I thought you would never ask! Why don't you come over here tomorrow and hang out with Mom and I.  There will be plenty to eat too!"  "Sounds great to me, Katie, what time?"  Katie giggled, "Oh say around ten-thirty and wear your "Speedo" Nat, we will be by the pool all day!"  "Sounds great Katie, I will see you tomorrow morning!"

Katie got off of her bed and peeled off her bikini, she grabbed a bikini panty and camisole, pulled them on and went in the bathroom.  She looked in the mirror and was startled by how bloated her belly was.  She patted it, hefted it and let it fall, jiggling and bouncing.  She stuck out her belly and turned sideways and admired how far her belly now stuck out in front of her.  Katie was getting turned on playing with her belly. She swung around and looked at her plump bottom squeezed into the tight bikini panty, slapping her bottom making it jiggle. Katie thought, "I can't believe how turned on I get looking and playing with my body now, I never felt this way when I was competing."  Just then, Elaine called up the stairs, "Katie would you like a nice snack before we go to bed?"  Katie, giggled, thinking "Mom is going to turn me into a little blob!"  Katie called down, "Sure Mom I would love something to eat!"

Katie went downstairs, loving the feel of her body jiggling with each step.  She went into the kitchen, Elaine had set out peanut butter and jelly with large slices of an artisan bread and a gallon of whole milk.  Elaine said, "Let me fix you a sandwich, dear."  "Sure Mom that would be nice." Replied Katie.

Elaine smoothed a glob of peanut butter on a thick slice of bread and then covered another one with sweet jelly, putting them together she put it on a plate for Katie and poured her a glass of milk.  "Dig in dear!"  Katie took bite after bite of her sandwich finishing it in only a couple of minutes.  "Thanks Mom, that was good!"  Katie absently patted her belly.

"Oh Mom, I invited Nat over tomorrow morning to hang out with me.  I hope that is alright?"  "Oh certainly dear, I really like Natty!"  "Mom it's Nat, not "Natty" ok?"  "Yes dear I will remember.  Would  you like another sandwich, Katie, dear?"  "No I'm good Mom, thank you."  Elaine starring at Katie's, bulging belly asked again, "Are you sure dear?  You ate that sandwich so quickly."   "No Mom, thank you I'm fine.  I going to bed, see you in the morning."

Elaine watched her now plump daughter walk out the kitchen and back to bed.  She thought, "I am so glad Katie got cut from the god awful gymnastics team.  She had to stay so skinny to compete it drove me crazy.  I am going to really enjoy this summer, Katie and I are really going to grow closer together."  Elaine patted her belly and put away the peanut butter, jelly and bread.

Katie woke up around seven thirty.  She really did not feel like getting up, she lay in bed running her hands of her expanding body, marveling at the deep creases her bikini was cutting in her plump waist and thighs.

A minute later, Elaine knocked on her door and opened it.  Elaine had on only a pair of high rise "granny" panties and a t-shirt, which was riding up on her belly.  "Are you ready of breakfast dear?"  "Sure Mom, I would love some breakfast, I'm starving too!  Let me get dressed."  "Oh don't bother dear, I usually only wear panties and t-shirts around the house, it saves on laundry. I spill a lot when I am eating."

Katie followed Elaine downstairs, watching her Mom's huge bottom bounce up and down.  She thought, "God, Mom has gained a ton of weight and she certainly doesn't seem to be worried about it, or even trying to cut back."

Elaine had already fixed a large platter of French toast, pancakes and waffles.  She also had fried up some bacon and sausages.  She loaded a plate for Katie and plopped it in front of her protégé .  Katie smiled, "Thanks Mom this looks great."  She started eating.  Elaine chatted and ate too.  She made sure to keep Katie's plate full.  Absently Katie ate dozens of pancakes, toast and waffles smothered with butter and syrup.  By around nine thirty, Katie was totally stuffed.

"Whoa Mom!  Wow, I am so full, I think I am going to burst!   Burp, Urp, excuse me!"  Burped, an engorged Katie.  She slouched back in her chair, her belly bulging up in the air, much to Elaine's delight.  Elaine helped her up, patting Katie's belly, she cooed, "Dearest you have such a good appetite, I am so proud of you!"  Katie looked at her bleary eyed, "Mom, are you trying to fatten me up?"  Elaine stammered, "Well, uh, um, maybe.  You are so skinny dear.  I just, uh, thought, uh."  Elaine started to cry, "Oh Katie, I am so sorry.  I am trying to fatten you up!  I just love my new lifestyle and I wanted you to join me.  I love eating and I have been so lonely eating alone!  I'm sorry, dear."  Katie started to cry too!  She lifted up her t-shirt, revealing her engorged belly, bulging out in front of her.  She pushed her belly up against Elaine's belly, "Burp, excuse me, Mom, I would love to eat with you.  I don't care how fat I get either, I just want to stuff myself, too!"
Katie remembered, "Oh Mom, Nat is coming over in an hour or so.  I told him to wear his bikini bathing suit!"  Elaine smiled, "Oh Katie, Nat is so cute in that bikini!  I think you two should eat all day, wouldn't that be fun?"  "Mom, really would you do that for me?"  "I would love too, dearest.  You know what else, I will invite Anna over for dinner, then we all can eat all night too!"

"Oh, Mom that will be awesome!"  Katie giggled, "Mom, did Mrs. Fox say anything about fattening up Nat?"  Elaine, giggled too, "Yes she did, she wants Nat to get as big as his Dad was!"  "Wow, really as big as his dad?"

Elaine gave Katie an affectionate pat on her bottom and sent her protégé upstairs to shower and change into her bikini.  Elaine went in the kitchen and got some bratwurst , hamburger and potato salad ready for this afternoon's gorge.

I arrived around eleven thirty, bloated from a massive breakfast that my mom had literally stuffed into me.  I had a pair of tight sweat pants over my brief, which created serious panty lines.  Katie met me at the door, nibbling on some chips.  She was squeezed into a black, nylon bikini panty and a red top.  She giggled saying, "The bra that goes with this bikini doesn't fit anymore!"  Her belly was still bloated from Elaine's stuffing session.

She pressed her belly up against me and gave me a kiss.  "Oh Nat I'm so glad you are here, thanks for coming over."  "Katie, my pleasure, you look so hot!  Wow, you look awesome!"  I stammered.  She giggled, poked my belly, "Take off your sweats and let's get in the pool.  I'm getting warm standing here."

We went to the pool, I pulled off my sweats.  Katie, nearly shrieked, "Oh Nat you look so hot! I love your briefs, they are so cute!"  I was embarrassed having gained weight, dressed in a very small low cut brief with my growing belly bulging out.  I blushed and stammered, "Oh thanks Katie." Next thing I knew, Katie had her arms around me, fondling my fat butt and love handles.  "Oh Nat you are so hot, I just love your body!"  I reached around and sank my hands into Katie's round, plump bottom, packed into a tight bikini panty.  "So are you Katie, you are the hottest girl I know!"

We got in the hot tub and started making out, fondling each other's increasing assets.  Elaine came out with a huge platter covered with rich, fattening foods.  Katie and I came up for air and fixed ourselves plates covered with brats, cheese burgers, chips and potato salad.  We were both so turned on, especially watching each other eat, we gorged away most of the afternoon.  Elaine, dressed in a very tight high-rise two piece swim suit would refill platters and drinks.

Heavy breathing, making out and heavy eating lasted all afternoon.  Katie and I didn't even feel how full we were, we just kept eating.  Elaine cleared away the plates and brought out wine and beers.  She also put out trays with chips and dip; and cheese and crackers.  Katie and I indulged in those too.

I was surprised at six when my Mom came over.  She brought a huge pan of pasta and rich sauces, parmesan cheese and other rich treats.  Katie giggled when she saw all the food that my mom had brought, "Nat we are going to burst, we are going to get so stuffed tonight!"  She poked my belly, which was bloated.  I chuckled and poking her belly, "I wouldn't want to burst with anyone else!"   Katie kissed me hard, "Promise?" she asked.  I sunk my hands into her love handles and kissed her back, hard too, "Promise!"

Elaine called, "Supper, you two!"  Katie and I hefted ourselves out of the hot tub, giggling at each other's bulging bellies, and walked hand in hand to the table.  Both Elaine and Anna were smiling at us.  "You two look so cute together and nice and chubby!" Giggled Elaine.

We plopped ourselves into chairs and as quickly as was polite, started loading plates and shoveling food into ourselves.  We both were so turned on and horny, our only outlet was to eat!  Anna and Elaine partook too, but made sure that  Katie's plate or mine were ever empty.  Wine and beer, not to mention rich heavy desserts flowed into Katie's and my mouths, we just could not seem to get enough to eat!

Finally around ten thirty there were four, very stuffed, bloated, bulging bellies sticking up in the air.  The four of us were slouched back in our chairs, our bellies engorged with massive amounts of rich heavy food.

Anna and Elaine struggled up and started to clear.  I leaned forward (or tried to anyway) and Anna patted my belly, "Nat you just sit honey, Elaine and I can clean up."  Elaine turned and admired Katie's bulging belly, "That goes for you too, Katie."

When Anna and Elaine "waddled" into the kitchen with empty plates and platters, I reached over and poked Katie's belly.  She giggled and held my hand to her belly.  "Nat I am so stuffed and so turned on I can hardly stand it!"  "Katie me too, you look so awesome, god you are so hot!"

Just then Elaine came back out to get more dishes and finish clearing.  "Oh you two look so cute!  Katie, why don't you and Nat get in the Jacuzzi.  Anne and I are cleaning up."  We are not stupid, as Elaine went back into the house Katie and I staggered to our feet.  Katie came over and pushed her belly up against me, giving me a little "bump".  I leaned down and kissed her, running my hands over her round bottom and love handles, she sank her hands inside the back of my brief and started to knead my fat bottom cheeks.  We got in the Jacuzzi and started making out and fondling each other.

Back in the kitchen Anna and Elaine we bumping into each other fat bottoms and bulging bellies trying to stay out of each other's way, but they were just to big now.  Elaine said, "Anna, I really think my Katie is falling for your Natty.  She told me this morning how cute she thinks he looks in his little bikini brief."  Anna giggled, "I know Natty just adores Katie!  She is so pretty all nice and chubby in her little bikini.  She seems so much happier now that she has put on some weight and doesn't have to worry about competing."  "I know, she is!  I was so relieved when she got home to see that she had gained weight and that she wasn't upset about it.  In fact, I really think she has enjoyed gaining weight and being more sedentary.  We have really enjoyed eating together.  It is so nice not to have to eat alone."  "You are so right Elaine, I was overjoyed went Natty got home.  I was so used to eating with Don, that when I lost him I didn't know what else to do, but eat.  I could not cut back on my cooking, but now that Natty is home, he can help me eat all the food I seem to cook."

Elaine and Anna were both so pleased that their respective children were home and especially pleased that both were content joining their mothers in their new lifestyle.

Elaine and Anna chatted a little while longer.  Anna asked, "Are the kids still in the Jacuzzi?"  Elaine leaned her belly up against the counter to look out the window.  "Yes they are.  They seem to be enjoying each other too!"  She giggled.

Katie and I could not keep our hands off of each other.  Katie slipped off her halter top and let me fondle her plump breast while she kissed me and licked my ears, while she dug her hands into my fat bottom cheeks.  We heard Elaine and Anna coming back outside and Katie got her top back on.

Anna called, "Natty dear, I thinks it's time for us to go, I'm sure Elaine and Katie would like to get to bed, dear.  Natty, why don't you invite Katie over to our house tomorrow?"  Katie whispered, "I'd love to come over tonight!" I squeezed her bottom cheek, "I would love that too!"

Katie and I reluctantly separated, kissed good night and another poke in the belly and bottom cheeks, as Anna and I started for the driveway.  I had eaten so much all day, I knew that my sweats would not fit, so I just drove Mom and I home wearing a t-shirt and my brief.

On the way home Anna queried me on how I felt about Katie.  "Mom, I really like her a lot, maybe even more than that.  She is so hot!  I know she doesn't mind how much weight I have gained."  "Oh that's great dearest, I really like Katie, she is so adorable, and so cute in her little bikini too. I am quite fond of Elaine too, it is just wonderful that you two like each other so much. I told Elaine that she and Katie should come over around ten-thirty, she can help me fix a nice lunch for all of us."

Mom and I got home a few minutes later.  I kissed her good night, she poked my belly, "Natty dearest, I am so proud of you.  You are just as handsome as your dear dad was!"  "Thanks Mom, 'night."  I headed upstairs, knowing that if I lingered, she would decide I needed a snack before bed.

Katie and Elaine arrived a ten-thirty sharp.  True to her word, Mom and Elaine fixed the four of us a massive, day long feast.  After a day of lounging around more or less eating all day, Elaine and Katie got ready to leave around ten thirty.

"Katie dear, it's time to go."  Katie was perched on my lap (what little there still was of it) fondling my belly, while worked over her bottom cheeks.  She giggled, "I'll be right there Mom."    Katie and I kissed, "Nat, I think I could get used to this lifestyle.  Mom wants you and your mom to come over to our house tomorrow after lunch, drinks and dinner."  "Sounds like a plan to me!"

This "routine" became our lifestyle for the summer and of course the four of us ballooned!  By the middle of August, I was up to two hundred and sixty pounds, with a fifty-five inch waist and a very large, fat ass.  Katie had plumped up to one forty under Elaine's tutelage.  She had an amazing round belly, round, fat little bottom, plump thighs and modest boobs.  Her once toned body now jiggled with every move she made.  Her bottom cheeks bounced up and down in bikini panties.
Elaine and Anna were now very close to two hundred pounds and they loved it!  Anna just wore high rise "granny" panties and a t-shirt around the house.  She waddled her thighs and bottom had become so large.  She had a round belly the stuck out in front of her, well past her breasts.  Elaine too, wore just panties and t-shirts, sometimes a house dresses around her house.  Both of them ate at any chance they got.

With all of our increased weight, we became very close.  Anna and Elaine enjoyed each other's company so much and they shared their joy of eating too, that they saw each other everyday.  Katie and I too enjoyed each other's company, with our Moms being such close friends and the live style that our moms insisted that we share in, we were together everyday, too.

Katie and I were now in love with each other.  What had really started as almost lust, given how much each of us desired the other's expanding waist/hips/thighs, etc.  We now enjoyed talking and each other's company, even when our Moms weren't trying to stuff us silly.

While sitting fondling each other in the Jacuzzi (our favorite hiding/make-out place), Katie said, "Nat, I really don't want to leave "us" when we have to go back to school."  I fondled her belly, causing Katie to giggle, "I don't want to either, so I applied to transfer to your school and they accepted me!"  "Oh Nat that is awesome, oh thank you so much, I am so relieved that we can still be together at school."  Katie and starting to cry, she was so happy.  "I have to tell Mom, she will be thrilled."  Katie started to get out of the Jacuzzi and reached up and snapped the waist band of her bikini, making her love handles and belly jiggle,  she giggled, "Oh you weight until I get back I am going to slap that amazing belly of yours!"

I watched Katie nearly run over to tell Elaine that I would be going to the same school.  I loved to watch her plump bottom cheeks bounce up and down in the tight bikini panty and her round thigh jiggle.  

Elaine of course was delighted that I would be going back to "State" with Katie and so was my Mom.  The last couple of weeks at home passed quickly and before we knew it, it was time to leave.

Katie and I both had cars at college so we caravanned back to campus.  I got settled in the same dorm Katie lived, though on different floors.  

Katie's friends on her floor were startled my how much weight Katie had gained over the summer.  When she left campus in the spring she weighed on one twenty five, now she weighed nearly one fifty, gaining another twenty five pounds being stuffed by Elaine all summer.  She loved her body and lifestyle.  Which gave her a good attitude and she was much happier than when she was competing.

Since I was new to "State", no one knew that I had gained thirty pounds over the summer myself.  Anna was an experienced "feeder" having kept my obese dad happy for years.  No one really commented on my weight.  Most of the friends we made as a couple were also into being fat and enjoying over-eating.

While at college Katie and I were virtually inseparable.  Though we did not have many classes together having different majors, we spent nearly all of our time out of class together.  We spent the night in each other's rooms several nights a week and  we fell deeper in love.

The Thanksgiving weekend was coming up and I wanted to surprise Katie with a ring.  We decided to fly home and arrived the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Elaine and Anna met us at the airport.  We were not surprised that it was obvious that they both had gained more weight.

Katie and I had put on some weight, but not at nearly the rate our "feeders" had packed on us during the "best summer ever".  We hugged Anna and Elaine, they gave us each an affectionate poke in our bellies.  Anna said, "I hope you two are ready for some serious feasting this weekend?"  We both giggled patting our bellies, in unison, "We are more than ready!"

No sooner than we arrived at my house, Anna and Elaine showed us to the dining room table, which they soon covered in rich pasta and sauces.  Both of our stomach growled, much to the delight of Anna and Elaine.

We all dug in and stuffed ourselves.  Gorging for over an hour, the massive meal left four very bloated bellies, bulging out in front of their respective owners.  Elaine and Katie managed to stagger/waddle to their car and drive home.

While I was helping Mom clean up, trying to keep from bumping into each other, we took up a lot of space in the kitchen.  I told her my plans, "Mom I bought a ring for Katie.  I am going to ask her to marry me right after dinner tomorrow!"  "Oh Nattie dearest that is wonderful!  I just adore Katie, she has filled out so well this year, she is so cute!  We are eating at Elaine and Katie's tomorrow, but maybe you should ask her before dinner is over.  Elaine and I have planned a massive feast for all of us.  I wouldn't want all of us so stuffed and full we could not celebrate properly."  "Mom, I will play it by ear, tomorrow and just chose when the time is right."  Mom giggled, poking my bulging belly, "Or play it by your tummy!"

We arrive at Elaine and Katie's house around eleven thirty.  We were planning on sitting down to eat around three, but eating of course was the order of the day.  Since it was pretty hot out still we hung out by the pool.  All of us wearing swim suits.  Katie and I were wearing obscenely tight bikini/briefs.  Anna and Elaine, though more modest than Katie and I were wearing two piece suits with high rise briefs to support their growing bellies.  We sat around watching football, eating, more eating, a dip in the pool or hot tub and of course more eating.

The moms got the table and dishes ready at quarter to three and the four us plopped our chubby/fat bodies down for an amazing feast.  Anna and Elaine had cooked up a ton of food.  Casseroles, turkey, stuffing (of course stuffing), mashed potatoes, gravy, pies and plenty of wine and beer covered the table.

We laid into the feast and gorged and gorged.  I was nervous about asking Katie to marry me, so I ate even more.  Katie watching me gorge,  got turned on and she too started to eat even more than she intended.  Anna was so happy that I was going to ask Katie to marry me, she gleefully stuffed herself.  Elaine watching everyone packing in rich food, over indulged with the rest of us.

By four fifteen there were four very bloated and engorged bellies slouched around the table.  I knew I had better ask Katie to marry me before we all got too stuffed I could hardly move. I staggered to my feet and waddled to Katie and took out the ring.  "Katie, will you marry me?"  "Oh Nat, yes, a thousand times yes!"  She got to her feet, but our bellies collided and she plopped back in her chair giggling.  I leaned down carefully, not to lose my balance with my engorged belly bulging out, I slipped the ring on her finger.  She was crying and hiccupping at the same time.  "Oh Nat it is awesome, so beautiful  the way it glitters!"

Anna and Elaine were now both crying and hiccupping too, they were so full.  We all hugged and Katie and I kissed and kissed.  We were so stuffed, no one wanted to have desert yet.  Anna and Elaine settled themselves in a couple of chaises and started to discuss wedding plans.  Katie and I headed for the Jacuzzi and settled in for some heavy fondling and making out.

Around six o'clock Anna and Elaine called Katie and I out of the Jacuzzi, we walked/waddled hand in hand back to the table for some more eating, desert was served.   While stuffing ourselves with pies and ice cream we talked about setting a wedding date and settled on the weekend after Katie and I graduate.

After four slices of pie each we went back into the Jacuzzi while Elaine and Anna cleaned up.  I was running my hands over Katie's round, taught belly, caressing her love handles and kneading her bottom cheeks crammed into her tight bikini.  She was kneading my love handles and shaking my belly.

After kissing Katie good night Mom and I left for our house around nine thirty.  We were all tried and sleepy from eating so much rich heavy food.

Katie and I spent the rest of the long weekend together working on our wedding plans and of course eating.  On Sunday, both Anna and Elaine drove us to the airport to fly back to State.

We were together constantly at State, studying , taking meals and walking around the campus.  Right after finals for the fall semester, Katie asked me to her room.  Katie had decided now that we were engaged, there was no point in waiting the make love.  When I got to her room and knocked, Katie called, "Come in Nat, dear."  I opened the door and almost fainted.  Katie was dressed in a white, ruffled biking panty and a matching camisole her round belly bulging out lifting up the camisole, the ruffles accentuated how round and plump Katie's bottom cheeks had become.  We hugged tightly and then fell onto the bed.  She pulled off my t-shirt and unbuttoned by pants (no easy task given the size of my belly) and pulled them down and kneading my belly.  I caressed Katie's round bottom and kissed her plump boobs and belly.  We had the best experience of our lives.

We decided to move into an apartment for the last semester which we arranged before we left for the Christmas holiday.

We returned to campus and moved in together enjoying each other's company and intimacy.  We continued to work on the wedding plans, guest list etc.    We graduated in May and the next weekend were married.  (to be continued)
This is a similar version of the original of "Best Summer Ever", but with a mutual gaining theme.

Please note I had a hard time uploading this to DA. There must have been too much text or something. So I broke into two parts, not chapters.

Ned Fox
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