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Jane was the more abstinent of Sally's two kids.  She could be quite mean sometimes.  Sally was sending Jane and her brother to her mom's for the summer which would be nearly twelve weeks. Jane would start her senior of high school next fall and her brother would be a junior, the kids were older than most of their class mates due to repeating a grade or two because of frequent moves in their early school careers.

She worried about them gaining weight staying with her Mom, but she really had no choice.  Sally's Mom was obese, she loved to cook and loved plump children and feeding her grand children was a favorite hobby of hers.

Sally dropped the kids off after the long drive to her mom's.  She asked her, "Mom, please don't over feed them, I really don't want them to gain too much weight this summer.  I know you will let them eat more than I do, but promise me they won't get too fat!"  "Oh Sally dear, I wouldn't do that.  I just want to be sure they get enough to eat." Replied her Mom with her fingers crossed.

After Sally drove off, Grandma sent the kids to get changed into bathing suits, it was too warm in Grandma's house for anything else.  Jane sneaked into Grandma's room and got out a pair of Grandma's huge panties and put them on, she stuffed a couple of pillows in them and pranced around the room mimicking her Grandma, making comments to her brother about how fat Grandma was.

Grandma caught Jane prancing around in her panties.  "Jane, how could you be so mean, you are just awful, what a brat you are, well I am going to fix you!"  Jane thought Grandma might slap her and call her Mom and tell her how mean she had just been.  Grandma had a better idea.

"So Jane, you think my panties are so big that it is funny, well dear let's see how funny my big panties are when they fit you!"  She blurted.

She grabbed Jane by the hand and lead her down to the kitchen.  She left the pillows in them and sat Jane at the kitchen table.  She brought over a plate and filled it with rich macaroni and cheese, piled high,  "Jane start eating and you are going to eat everything and I do mean everything I put in front of you!  Do you understand!"  Jane now crying could only whimper, "Yes Grandma."

Jane finished that plate and Grandma set down another one filled to the edges with rich sauce and cheese.  Jane finished that one and Grandma set down an ice cream sundae.  Jane started crying that she was too full to eat any more.  "Grandma I am so stuffed and full, I feel like I might get sick!"  she blurted.  "Jane, you eat up!  Just eat slowly, swallow and wait, then eat another bite, just keep eating!"

Jane did, her stomach felt like it would burst, but she managed to eat all of the ice cream.  Grandma wiped Jane's face, "Jane now go sit down in the living room, you may watch TV, but I do not want you getting any exercise, just sit and rest.  It will be time for you to eat again soon." Admonished Grandma.

Two hours later, Grandma called Jane into the kitchen again.  This time there was a huge plate of spaghetti with a rich sauce and garlic bread smothered in butter and cheese.  Jane dutifully started to eat, she finished one plateful, then another and one more after that.  Jane felt she would burst, her stomach was so full, but oddly she was looking forward to what treat Grandma would fix her for desert.  Grandma did not disappoint Jane, she set down a large slice of cheese cake, covered with caramel and chocolate sauces.  Jane, despite being stuffed with spaghetti, she ate all of it.  Grandma wiped Jane's face, poked her bloated belly and said, "Up to bed for you, I will get you up later tonight for another meal, now get to bed like a good girl".  Jane could only reply, "Yes Grandma, the spaghetti was very good!"  Grandma smiled, "There will be plenty more of my cooking for you, Jane, dear!"

Grandma woke Jane around midnight with pancakes, waffles and French toast, plenty of syrup and whole milk.  Jane stomach was beginning to stretch out, so she easy downed all that Grandma brought to her.

The routine started the next morning.  Jane was awakened at six, again with a huge breakfast in bed, once she was stuffed full, she went back to sleep for a few hours.  Grandma woke her a ten o'clock for another breakfast, she then took a bath, since Grandma's house did not have a shower.  Jane sat in the tub, noticing that her belly bulged way out, almost distended, she had been eating so much rich food.

Grandma insisted that Jane had to wear a pair of her panties, she wanted Jane to me reminded that the panties would fit her, and soon!

After a massive lunch, followed by snacking and nibbling while sitting either outside or on the living room couch, Jane was fed another meal at three in the afternoon, an early dinner at six, then a later dinner at nine, followed by a night feeding at midnight.

This routine continued for weeks.  Jane, during the first weeks of her feedings she had to hold the huge panties up to keep herself covered, but after four weeks, Jane's belly and bottom had grown enough that the waist of the huge panties would now stay up.

Jane, during the first few days, was upset and mad that she was being fed so much food.  She got so full during meals that she was very uncomfortable, but after just a few days, her stomach stretched out from the huge meals and after a week, she even was hungry before her meals/feedings.

The pounds were really pilling on Jane's body.  Her belly now (after five weeks) sagged onto her thighs sitting in the tub, she was starting to waddle her bottom and thighs were getting so round and plump.  Jane was also getting very, very lazy and sedentary.  She loved to just sit and snack on cookies, milk, candy and soda that Grandma left for to eat while watching TV.  She only moved to use the bathroom, bathe, eat and go to bed.

Eight and half weeks into Jane's feedings, the huge panties were now filling up, with a rapidly ballooning Jane.  The panties filled with Jane's fat, round belly and bottom, though her thighs still did not completely fill the leg openings and the material was still baggy.

One morning as Jane waddled into the kitchen for breakfast number two. Jane giggled, "Grandma, look how fat I am!  My belly is so round and soft, look at it jiggle when I walk!"  Grandma smiled, gently poked Jane's round belly just below the waist band of her panties, "Yes dear, you are getting nice and fat!  But my panties still don't quite fit yet, you still need to eat up for Grandma!"  Jane smiled, "Yes Grandma, I'm hungry, may I have breakfast now, please Grandma, please!"

Jane had become addicted to being full.  She now looked forward to every meal and almost nagged Grandma for snacks between her numerous meals.

Jane was now so fat, that Grandma had to help her into the tub to take a bath, it was hard for Jane to lift her leg over the rim of the tub with out help.  She sometimes had to help Jane up from a chair or her bed.

It was now the tenth week of Jane's stay with Grandma and she was huge.  She now filled the huge panties to the point that the material clung to Jane's very round, fat body.  She was a walking bowl of Jello, jiggling with any movement at all.  

Grandma was trying to decrease Jane's meals, she had reached her goal to fatten up her grand daughter to fit into her panties and she had succeeded.  She was worried about Jane's future, now that she was morbidly obese, she was concerned about Jane's schooling and social life.

"Jane, dearest, I am so proud of you for being such a good girl this summer and eating everything you were served.  I am concerned though, about how your Mom is going to feel when she sees how fat you are now.  I want you to think of what you want to do about school and friends."  Stated Grandma.

"Grandma, I want to stay here with you.  I know that Mom is going to very upset with how fat I have become this summer.  She will want to put me on a diet and I don't want to go on any diet.  I can go to high school around here, the high school is pretty small, but I think the kids will be a lot nicer, than at home.  I love being fat, and no amount of teasing is going to change that. Said Jane.

The day of reckoning finally arrived, Sally was due from the city any minute.  While Grandma, had nearly force fed Jane to obesity, Jane's brother, Jack, had pretty much eaten what ever he wanted.  He had gained weight and now had a good size paunch bulging from under his t-shirt and a plump bubble bottom, but he was nowhere near Jane's league.

Sally pulled into the driveway.  Jack was outside, his belly bulging out from a big breakfast, lifting up his t-shirt, he had on a pair of sweat pants, as that was all that still fit him.

"Hi Mom" said Jack.  Sally got out of the car and hugged Jack.  She lifted up his t-shirt to survey the damage, giving his pot belly an affectionate poke. "Well you actually are not as fat as I thought you might get here this summer!"  She said, somewhat relieved. Where is your sister".  Did she only gain as much as you did?"  Jack, chuckled, "No, Grandma and Jane had a big fight right after we got here. Jane was being pretty mean, she dressed up in a pair of Grandma's underpants and stuffed them with pillows and mimicked Grandma. Grandma got mad and made Jane eat so much that she now fits into Grandma's underpants!"

Just then Jane waddled out on to the front porch, dressed only in a huge pair of panties, and a t-shirt riding up on her massive belly.  "Hi Mom!' giggled Jane.  Sally was stunned her once slim daughter was now morbidly obese.  Jane must have gained over a hundred pounds, she was so fat!

Grandma waddled out front now.  Sally was furious, "Mom how could you do this to her, she is so fat, she can hardly walk!  You promised me you would not fatten up the kids while they were here, what to call this?"  Sally poked Jane massive belly.

"Sally, I am not sorry for doing this. Jane was so mean when she got here teasing me about how fat I am, that she needed to be taught a lesson, so I fattened her up to fit into my panties, which she thought were so funny, because they are so big!" Stated Grandma, standing her ground.

Sally asked, "Jane is that true did you tease and mimic Grandma?"  "Yes, Mom I did, I am sorry for being so mean, I deserved all of this too!"  Jane patted her huge belly, making it jiggle.  "Jane, you are obese now, you can hardly walk you are so fat, how can you say you deserved to be fattened up like this!"

"Mom, I love Grandma.  At first I was really mad at her for making me eat so much and getting stuffed.  But soon I realized how mean I was to have made fun of her for being fat, I felt guilty and the only way I could feel better was to let her stuff me until I fit into her panties!  It is almost like the saying, "Walk a mile in her shoes."

Sally started to cry, then giggling, "Well it looks like you have grown up and out here this summer!"  Grandma and Jane laughed too causing their round bodies to jiggle.

They went inside, Jane and Grandma lowered themselves onto the couch, which groaned under their weight.   "So Jane, what are we going to do.  It will take months, if not years for you to diet off all the weight you gained this summer.  I am sure you would be miserable too dieting.  But you are so fat, oh sorry, I don't want to be mean.  I can not imagine that you want to stay this large."

"Yes Mom, I do, Grandma and I talked, I want to stay here and go to high school.  I don't want to lose any weight, I really, really, love being this fat!  I love to eat, so dieting would be awful and no amount of teasing is ever going to convince me to change my new lifestyle!"

Sally loaded her obese daughter into her car and they drove to the local Wal-Mart to get Jane her own lingerie, stretch pants, t-shirts and even a couple of dresses too. On the drive back to Grandma's house, Sally asked, "Jane, are you happy?"  Jane giggled, her hand resting on her belly, which jiggled every time the car hit a bump, "Yes Mom I am very happy, thank you for sending me to Grandma's.  I really learned a lesson the hard way, but now I am so glad I did.  I love being this fat, I love eating, I love the feeling of being totally stuffed!"

Sally helped Jane out of the car and up the steps into the house.  Grandma was already getting a big meal together for herself and her protégé.  Sally kissed her daughter and Mom goodbye, got Jack in the car and headed back to the city.

Jane enrolled in the local high school.  It took a week for the kids to get used to the really fat new girl, but Jane's new attitude toward others soon won over her fellow students.  Grandma did manage to wean Jane off of so much food, though Jane did not want to lose any weight, at least she slowed the gaining.

Jane even started to date one of the lineman from the football team.  He thought she was the prettiest girl in school, it helped that his mother weighed over three hundred pounds!

Jack and Sally both came for the next summer.  Jane and Grandma gleefully stuffed them all summer long!
A mean granddaughter makes fun of her obese grandmother. The grandmother punishes her by constant feeding until she can appreciate being in Grandma's "shoes".
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qwertyyoip Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
Classic story. I read this years ago back when I wrote as Polis Yue... This inspired me to write better stories and I thank you fannedfox for that. 

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Thank you very much for the kind comments.  I glad you liked my story and it inspired you to write as well.

Ned Fox
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I need a Grandma like this
fanedfox Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015
Thank you.  I know, I love to be fattened up like this.

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way too turned on by this god help me
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I want Jane to be my big sister.
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BlueTaffy Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Jane was the more abstinent of Sally's two kids. " what?
themuffinfleet Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
Abstinent probably means that she refrained from eating.
Johnbmwtech Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
GREAT STORY luv it more every time I read it
Konstardiy Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Good story
DuncanxIdaho Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
That part at the end about the football player having a really fat mother is intriguing, I would like to know more about that, maybe understand better how having a sexy fat mom has shaped his urges toward dating fat women.
fanedfox Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
Duncanzldaho: I have a niece, who is overweight, which is really beside the point. However, she married an overweight guy. Her dad, (my wife's brother in law) is obese. Her BF before she met this guy was also obese.
I personally think it creates a preference, if not, an obcession.

Ned Fox
DBZFan12 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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That's a punishment? It sounds a little too fun the way you write it.
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner May 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I wouldn't just fatten her a little, either. Feed her until she hurts, and humiliate her for being fat, using the panties where necessary. A just punishment. I obviously liked the story. Keep up the good work.
Partyman19 Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow that is one good story and I have seen a lot of force feeding stories =) good job.
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Great story. Im glad she got a boyfriend too :w00t!:
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Cute story!
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Best wishes,

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well this story i must say is a bit less than whats expected (to say the least)
Maximiser16 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011
I'd love to know what happens the next summer! Also,I'd love to see pictures of how Sally looked during the gain and after the gain too.
fanedfox Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Maximizer: Check out my "scrapbook" section there is a sketch dump, Jane is the middle picture on the top row. Enjoy!

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Koolaidgirl24 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
This is my all time favorite gaining stores in fact Im kinda jealous and I wish someone would do this for me

fanedfox Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014

I know, I wish fattening was a common punishment, it would be wonderful.  I too would love to be fattened up for really any reason, medical, punitive or otherwise!  Happy New Year and thank you for your kind comments!

Ned Fox

JamesSwann Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015
I'd love a sequel to get Jack as big.
fanedfox Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
JamesSwann;  Thank you for commenting.  I did have Jack gain some weight, while Grandma crammed Jane with food.  The last sentence does state that Sally and Jack came back the next summer.  Great idea, if I have time I might just have Jack get as fat as his sister!  I know if I were Jack, I would!

Ned Fox
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