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BY Ned Fox

Sally woke up and rolled over, looking at the clock/MP3 player she decided she better get up and get the kids off to school.  She sat up and swung her legs onto the floor.  Her distended belly resting on her thighs, bulging over the waist band of her nightie bikini panty, Sally patted her round, pregnant looking belly and got up.  She went into the bathroom, brushed her hair and a quick splash on her face.  She ran her hands over her round belly, giving it a pat and admired that after seven years, her artificially distended belly still was firm and looked like she was really pregnant.

Sally had given birth to twins a little over seven years ago. She and Dave had another child, a boy six years earlier, so after twin girls, they decided the family was large enough.

Sally loved being pregnant, she loved her belly bulging way out in front her, even the cute little waddle she developed in her third trimester.  Dave too loved Sally’s shape when she was huge with child. She also loved not worrying about her weight, being able, if not encouraged to eat all she wanted.

After the twins, Sally and Dave decided that Sally should have her abdomen permanently distended.  In 2033, with warming climate, total elimination of all weight related medical issues and much skimpier clothing, having a round firm belly became as much of a fashion trend as large breasts had been thirty years earlier.

Soon after she stopped nursing the girls, Sally started on Belly Perm, one of the best abdominal distention formulas on the market.  She loved the rich flavors of the calorie laden shakes, with special enzymes designed to put the extra fat cells just where they should be for large round bellies.  Sally ballooned on the shakes, rapidly gaining back the pounds and especially the inches she had lost nursing the twins.  Within only a few months, Sally had grown an awesome belly, even larger than when she was pregnant with the twins!

Sally had done so well on Belly Perm that the company offered her a job as one of their in home trainer/coach/counselors, Sally leapt at the chance to work for the company helping other women grow magnificent bellies!

Sally ran her hands over her round bottom, noticing that her bikini panty was cutting in a little more lately into her plump thighs.  She giggled thinking, “Dave just loves my body, big booty and all!”  Giving her round cheeks a little pat, making them jiggle in the nylon material.  

Sally went down to the kitchen.  It was around seventy-eight degrees in the house,  likely to be another hot day again as usual.  Sally loved to putter around the house in just a bikini panty and a short t-shirt, that deliberately rode up on her favorite fashion asset, her round belly.  Sally reached up, having to heft her belly onto the counter to reach the upper shelf in the cabinet.  She got down her can of Belly Perm and started to scoop out some of the rich powder for her morning shake.  She liked to have her shake early.  Her girls, Jennifer and Jane, were getting curious about Mom’s special milk shakes.  They started asking to try some, telling Sally she should share her shakes with them.  Belly Perm is a prescription only product.  Minors are, by law, forbidden from obtaining or using the product.

Sally mixed up her shake two scoops of Belly Perm, two scoops of ice cream and sixteen ounces of whole milk, she ran the blender and quickly started to drink the thick, rich shake.  Knowing Jen and Jane would be up very soon, hearing the blender go off.

Sally finished her shake, with a little burp, patting her now slightly bloated belly, she started to fix her brood their lunches.  The girls got little snack trays, chocolate milk cartons, a package of cookies and an apple.  Dave, Jr. got four sandwiches, three cartons of chocolate milk, three packages of cookies and some weight gain/energy bars.  Dave Jr was going out for his middle school sumo team and thus needed to gain weight to make the team.

Soon Dave, Jr. and the twins were in the kitchen.  Sally fixed them the nice rich breakfast, of waffles, syrup, butter, powdered sugar and tall glasses of sweetened juice.  The kids devoured the delicious breakfast.

Sally checked to make sure the twins had on the right color uniform briefs and t-shirt in their school colors.  The color of the nylon briefs and t-shirts alternated weeks.  The climate being now so warm that children now attended school in uniforms that thirty years ago would be considered swim suits.  Dave, Jr. could wear either briefs or what used to be called “gym” shorts.  He wore briefs too, since most of the guys on the sumo team wore briefs, to show off to the girls.

The twins came up to Sally and kissed her belly button, giggling and patting “Mom’s round tummy”, Dave Jr. just gave his mom a peck on her cheek and followed the girls out to catch the bus.

Sally admired her nice healthy children.  The twins weight now is normal, but thirty, forty years ago would have been considered “plump”.  Dave, Jr. was getting even by modern standards quite heavy, but since sumo was now virtually the only athletic activity practiced in high or middle schools anymore he was encouraged to go out for the team.

The rising heat, has driven most activities inside.  There are few outdoor sports left, as the number of heat related injuries increased worried administrators and parents sought less physical activities.

The childhood obesity epidemic of the early 2000’s is now the norm, with children and most adults now being what used to be referred to as clinically obese.  The old BMI numbers are now 10 to 20 percent higher than thirty years ago.

Sally cleared up the kid’s breakfast dishes and got ready to fix Dave a nice big breakfast.  While cleaning up, she noticed that it was harder to fit between the breakfast nook table and the kitchen island, her plump bottom bumping into the counter and her round belly knocking the chairs around.  She giggled, thinking, “I will need to cut back on Belly Perm shakes with my clients or my bottom and belly won’t fit in the kitchen anymore.” She giggled to herself.

Dave walked into the kitchen.  “Hey babe, what are you laughing about?”  Sally giggled again and patted her belly, “Oh nothing dear, just thinking my belly is starting to get a little too big, that’s all.”

Dave chuckled and walked over to his hottie wife.  “Sally, baby, your belly can never be to big for me !”  “Oh Dave, you are so sweet!  I just don’t want my tummy to start to sag, I love how nice and firm I have been able to keep my tummy!  Beside, I think my bottom is growing now too!”  She slapped her bikini clad bottom causing a wonderful jiggle.

Dave came up and hugged his wife.  Running his hand over her plump bottom and cupping his hand around Sally awesome belly.  She giggled, “Dave, you are getting me excited and I have an appointment this morning with Janie Fox.”

Dave gave Sally’s plump bottom another pat, sending jiggles through her panties, Sally giggled, “I need to be careful today how much I eat with Janie Fox.  Her husband really wants her to get huge and so does she.  Janie is now one of the largest of my clients.”

“Hey babe, you don’t have to worry about how big you are getting, I love your bod!” Said Dave, playfully poking Sally round tummy.

Dave sat down to his large breakfast.  Dave used to weight over three hundred pounds, but the heat was too uncomfortable, so Dave eased up on his eating and dropped down to a still ample two hundred seventy on a five foot ten inch frame.

Dave struggle up, having eaten too much, which was easy for him to do with Sally’s hot belly to watch while he eats, he pulled his shirt back down over his own belly, gave Sally a kiss and a pat on her belly and headed out the door.

Sally puttered around cleaning up eating all the left over sausage, bacon, pancakes, French toast and syrup.  She glanced at the clock and thought, “Oh my, I shouldn’t have eaten all those leftovers, now I am bloated and I have to go to Janie Fox’s house in fifteen minutes, and she insists that I eat with her.  Well I am glad, Dave loves my belly and bottom, because I know they will be larger today!

Sally took a quick shower, dusted herself with powder and pulled on her Belly Perm uniform, black, bikini cut nylon panties, and a tight form fitting “Under Armor” pink shirt, cut short to show off her belly.

She went out to her car, though Janie’s house was only two blocks away, it was so hot already, Sally drove as usual.

She pulled into Janie’s drive way and walked up to the front door and rang the bell.  She heard Janie call, “Just minute Sally, I’ll be right there!”   The door opened and Sally was startled by the view of Janie’s massive belly bulging toward her in tight nylon maternity briefs.  

Janie burped, “BURP, Oh excuse me Sally, I didn’t mean to belch in your face!”  Please come in, I have cooked up a feast to have with my formula today!”

Sally followed Janie’s huge bottom to the kitchen and just as she had feared, Janie had a massive feed all over the kitchen.

“Let me measure you first, before we get started.”  Said Sally.  Janie came over to her and lifted her arms up as Sally ran the tape around her young protégé’s massive belly, she was startled by the measurement!  “Janie, Oh my you are nearly fifty inches around!”

Janie giggled, “I know, my Ned wants me to get huge!  He really encourages me to eat as much as I can!”  Janie, was the much younger bride of a successful executive.  He had never married and met Janie at work, when she was assigned as his secretary/assistant.
They fell in love and soon after were married.  The couple did not want children, but did want the other benefits of pregnancy, which meant weight gain!

“Sally let’s get started I am so hungry and I want to surprise Ned by being really, really bloated and fat tonight when he gets home!  He just loves it when I get stuffed full!” giggled Janie.

Sally mixed up a shake for Janie and gave it to her.  She shrieked with joy and she literally chugged it down!

“Sally now you!”  implored Janie.  

“No Janie, I have already had my shake early this morning.  You go ahead and start eating.” Replied Sally.

“Oh Sally Please, please join me, I hate to eat alone and there is plenty here for us to enjoy ourselves, oh please.”

Sally thought for a moment, “Well she is my best client, I will get paid for spending the whole day here, plus I know she won’t give up either.  Well I hope Dave is true to his word about my belly getting bigger, because I think it is going to get a lot bigger today.”

“Okay, Janie, you win!”  Sally fixed herself a shake and drank it down.  Rubbing her belly, she surveyed the feast in Janie’s kitchen.  She thought, “God there is a ton of food here, maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to indulge with Janie.”  But it was already too late!

Sally and Janie’s appetites kicked into overdrive being chemically induced by the Belly Perm formula which is also designed to affect their metabolic rate, turning nearly all calories into fat very rapidly. The formula also contains enzymes that make the fat cells become mostly visceral fat around organs thus making nice firm round bellies!

The girls laid into the feast with gusto,  shoveling rich treats into their mouths, giggling and then eating even more.

They quickly went through all of the breakfast foods, downing pancakes, French toast, omelets, quiches, eggs, bacon, sausages, pitchers of juices and pastries.

They started in on pizzas, pasta smothered in rich sauces.  They ate brats, hamburgers, hot dogs  and potato salad.

Sally watched in awe as Janie’s belly expanded and bloated out.  Her reinforced special panties were straining to keep her belly contained.  Sally heard seems popping, but Janie just giggled and kept on eating.

It was nearly five when Sally finally felt so stuffed that she knew she had to leave or end up lying, comatose with food, on Janie’s kitchen floor.

Sally staggered to her feet, here magnificent belly bulging straight out in front of her, now several inches larger then just a few hours earlier.  She looked down at her huge round orb, patting it, she thought how much Dave was going to love this!

Janie was in a stupor.  She was sitting, her legs spread out with here massive belly bulging between them.  Here panty was barely hanging in there.

Janie burped, “BURP, HIC, BURP Oh Sally your tummy is so big!  I hope you are not mad at me for making eat all day with me! BURP,HIC, BUUURRRP!”

“No Janie its ok, I don’t mind, I think my husband is going to like my handy work tonight!”  Sally waddled over to Janie and gave her hug, though bending down was difficult.  “Thank you Janie for a wonderful and I do mean FULL day! I need to get home Dave and the kids will be home soon.  Bye Bye.”

Sally waddled to her car and opened the door, it was hot out and she got pretty warm getting in, she had to push the seat back to get her belly in, she was so bloated and stuffed.

She drove the couple of blocks home and drove into the garage.  She squeezed herself out of the car and staggered/waddled into the house.

Dave, Jr and the twins were in the kitchen snacking, they looked up and shrieked when they saw how big their mom now was.  “Mommy, your tummy is so much bigger, what did you do today to get so much fatter?”

“Mommy spent the day eating too much with Mrs. Fox, guys.  Dave, help me over to the sofa I need to get off my feet, dear.”  Dave helped his engorged mom onto the couch.  The kids stared at their mom’s massive belly bulging up in the air.

Sally’s cell phone went off.  She struggled to grab it, answering, “This is Sally, may I help you?”  “Sally, this is Ned Fox, I just want to call the thank you for all you did today for my Janie, she looks so fantastic, you really have out done yourself, Janie can not stop telling me how much fun you two had today and how encouraging you have been of our quest to get Janie’s belly as large as we can, thank you so much!”

“Ned you are so welcome, it was my pleasure to help Janie today, it is what I am here for! Oh Ned make sure you apply our special cream to Janie’s abdomen.  It will help her skin stretch out and not have any stretch marks!” said Sally.

Ned hung up.  Sally thought, “Well that is one happy customer.  Now I need to tend to my belly!”

“Girls, get Mommy’s special cream out of the bathroom for me, please.”  “Yes mommy” responded the twins in unison.  The twin brought out the tube of cream.  Sally squeezed some onto her hands and started to rub her belly.  The twin giggled, “Mommy can we touch your tummy it is so pretty and round, please Mommy!”   Sally smiled ,”of course you may girls, gently though, Mommy is very, very full right now!”

Sally uniform shirt had ridden up to her bra, her belly now bulged over the bikini panty, in fact she was so distended that Sally could not see her feet!

Just then Dave got home from work.  The twins raced to meet him at the door.  “Daddy, Daddy, mommy’s tummy is really, really fat , she is lying on the couch, she can barely move!” shrieked the girls.

Dave came around the corner in the room.  Sally looked up, with her hand resting on her belly, she giggled, “I over did it had Janie Fox’s today, dear, I hope you don’t mind a lot more of me!”

Dave came over to Sally, “Oh My God, Baby you look fantastic!  Your belly is awesome! What did you two do?”  “Oh Dave, Janie and I stuffed ourselves all day, I have been eating since ten o’clock this morning I am so stuffed, but I feel great!”

Just then, Jane and Jennifer piped up.  “Mommy, Daddy we’re hungry what’s for dinner?”

Sally groaned, “Oh Dave I too stuffed to cook tonight, why don’t you take the kids to the buffet and I will lie here and digest this gorge.” She said, patting her belly, now starting to jiggle again as some of pressure eased.

“You’re not getting away that easily!” Said Dave.  “Baby I can’t take my eyes off of you, you look fantastic right now, I’m not letting you out of my sight!”

“Oh Dave, that is so sweet, but I am a sight!  I got all hot eating and then got really warm getting into the car at Janie’s house.  I would like to take a shower, but that would take a lot of time. All of you go ahead!”

Dave said, “Jane and Jenny go to mom’s closet and get one of her pull-over dresses, hurry girls!”

“Oh Dave, my panties are so tight right now, I think I am going to burst out of them and my t-shirt is nearly ruined too!”  Complained an engorged Sally from the couch.

Dave just smiled and patted Sally’s awesome belly.  The twins hurried in with a light blue pull-over smock type dress.  Dave cajoled Sally to her feet and slid the dress over her head and smoothed it over her belly and boobs.  

Sally giggled under her breath, “You’re so awful!”  Dave smiled and poked Sally’s belly, “Let’s go show off our amazing mom, guys!”

The smock did not come down low enough to cover Sally’s belly, leaving a nice view of under belly and black, over stretched nylon panty peaking out.

The kids ran to Dave’s car while he guided a waddling/staggering Sally to the car.  Loading her in the front seat they drove the few blocks to their favorite buffet.

The kids ran in and went right to their favorite buffet lines, the staff recognizing them knew that Dave and Sally would be in to pay the dinner fee.

When Sally finally waddled in the staff was stunned!  They complimented Sally on her great belly, knowing she was one of the local reps for Belly Perm.  Dave guided Sally to a table and sat her down.  He had a waiter bring over a pitcher of iced tea, nice and sweetened for Sally as she was now so warm from the effort of getting inside.

Dave and kids came back to the table with trays and plates overflowing with their favorites.  They laid into the meal with the usual gusto.  Dave always insists that the family really get their money’s worth at the buffet, which means eat all you can!

Sally waddled to the rest room, on her way back she felt she now had some “room” for a plate or two of pancakes, one of her favorites at the buffet.

Lowering herself onto her chair she could not help admire her family now on their third servings.  “Now Jane and Jennifer, don’t eat so fast, I don’t want you to get sick, we have plenty of time to clean your plates and get more if you want.”

Sally started in on her pancakes.  Just then a plump young woman came up to her.

“Excuse me, I’m so sorry in interrupt you dinner, but my husband insists I get your card, the waitress told me you are one of the local “Belly Perm” representatives.”  “Yes I am” replied Sally getting a card out of her purse.  “Here you are, just give me a call and I can send our information to your doctor too!”

“Oh thank you so much,  I just want to say you are my hero, I am in awe of your body, you just look so fantastic, my husband and I can barely keep our eyes off of you!”

Thirty minutes later, Sally was comfortably full again.  Dave and the kids were sitting back in their chairs rubbing their bellies, complaining as usual that they had eaten too much.

“Okay boys and girls it time to head home, we need to get to bed and digest all this wonderful food we have eaten tonight, especially mommy!”  chuckled Dave.

The family waddled out.  Sally’s belly swaying as she struggled to walk.  Many of their fellow patrons were watching her.  The guys with a bit of lust in their eyes, the women with envy in theirs.

When they got home, Sally fed the kids a few handfuls of ginger snap cookies to sooth their tummies.  She ate a couple of handfuls herself patting her belly.  She could tell she was so much larger than just this morning!

Sally waddled to their bedroom.  “Dave, help me pull off this dress it is to tight for me get over my head.”  Dave dutifully pulled the dress off his wife and was rewarded with an awesome few of Sally’s engorged abdomen, round, bulging with days largesse.

Sally looked in the mirror, “Oh my God, Dave I am so huge, I can’t believe I did this to myself today!  I am going to be even bigger in the morning!  I should never have had two doses of Belly Perm in such a short time!  I think I gained twenty pounds today, look at my bottom and my thighs, I am going to really be waddling in the morning.  

Sally was now nearly in tears, seeing the damage she had done to her “figure” in just one day of losing her self control.

Dave came over to Sally and placed his hands under her huge belly and gave it a lift.  He kissed her hard on the lips, “Sally this (shaking her belly) can never, ever be too big!  I agree with Janie’s husband Ned, bellies should be ginormous!”

Sally kissed Dave again, hard, pushing her belly into him, “Dave weight until you see how big I will be in the morning!”

Both Dave and Sally were so bloated all they could do was fool around with each other bodies that night.  Sally slept like a log, her body digesting and distributing all the fat cells being produced by her day long gorge.

Sally woke, needing the use the bathroom, she struggled to sit up, her massive belly now bulged out to her knees!  “Oh my God” she thought, “I am even bigger than I dared imagine!  My tummy must be as big as Janie’s was before our gorge yesterday, I must be fifty inches around.”  She reached back and patted her bottom, now a certifiable “booty” straining at the bikini panty of her teddie.  

She stood up, a little wobbly but not as bad as she thought and waddled to the bathroom.  She could feel her thigh rubbing together and her bottom bouncing in rhythm with her belly swaying.  She thought, “God I feel like a goose all fattened up for Christmas!”

After the bathroom she went over to Dave’s side of the bed and stuck her massive belly in his face.  “Dave dear, time to wake up and see how fat you wife is now!” she giggled.

Dave rolled over, his own belly sticking up under the covers to stare right at Sally’s enormous tummy bulging out almost is his face.  “Sally, baby, your belly is awesome, you were right your are even bigger this morning!”

“Oh Dave I feel so sexy! But I am a little worried I may be getting too big!  I don’t want to lose my job at Belly Perm, I really enjoy working for them.  Honey, I am going to get the kids off to school, you rest for a while.”

Sally waddled to the bedroom door, Dave watching her awesome bottom bouncing up and down in her tight nylon, lacy panty he thought, “God, Sally is so awesome what a figure she has, all I have to do is look at her and I get aroused!”

Sally waddled into the kitchen, she was up a little late.  The girls and Dave, Jr were already in there eating bowls of cereal, with whole milk and sugar.

The girls giggled, “Mommy you tummy is so pretty and round this morning!”  The girls watched as Sally maneuvered herself around the counters to get to the cabinet with her Belly Perm formula.

Sally tried to reach the cabinet, but her amazing belly was in the way.  “Dave, honey, can you help me?”  Sure Mom, replied Dave, Jr.  “Come over her dear and help me lift my tummy onto the counter.”  “Awe Mom!” replied Dave.  “Oh honey its not that bad, Mommy needs your help though and I don’t want to make daddy come down stairs to early!”  “Ok Mom”  Dave lifted, while Sally arched her back and got her belly on the counter.  “Oh thank you dearest, that was a big help and wasn’t that gross touching a girls belly now was it!”  “No Mom it wasn’t.  Your tummy sure is big though!”  chuckled Dave,Jr.

Sally thought, “I wonder what Dave would think if he saw what Janie Fox looks like this morning!”

Sally got down her formula and had Dave get her other ingredients so she would not have to slide her belly off the counter.  After drinking down her shake and stifling a belch she fixed the kids lunches, checking make sure the twins briefs were clean and the right colors for the day, she sent the kids off to wait for the bus.  Do to the current climate, it was considered to hot to let children walk or ride bikes to school, all children virtually received door to door service.

Sally was about to waddle back to the bedroom when the phone rang.  “Hello” she said, “Sally!  It is Janie Fox, Oh my God you should see me, I am absolutely huge!  My belly is over sixty inches around, I look down and all I see between my boobs is my belly!  Oh Sally I can’t thank you enough for yesterday!  Ned is beside himself, he can’t keep his hands off of me, massaging my belly!  Sally I feel fantastic, I am finally the wife my husband has dreamed of since we got married!”

By now both Sally and Janie were in tears.  “Janie that is great, I am so happy for you, to tell you the truth I really enjoyed our “little” binge yesterday too!  Dave is delighted with my figure!”

Sally hung up the phone and dried her tears of joy.  Then thinking to herself, “I don’t have any appointments and Dave can easily take a personal day.”  Sally started getting out mixes and ingredients and started cooking up a massive feast!

She waddled into the bedroom, her hands caressing her belly, she stuck her tummy in Dave’s face.  “Wake up dearest I have a surprise for you!”  Dave kissed Sally belly and patted it.  “Oh baby you look so sexy right now!”

Sally giggled, “I will really looks sexy when you get done stuffing me!”  Dave’s eyes widened.  “You mean it baby, you will let me stuff you like we used to for foreplay?”

Sally placed Dave’s hand on her belly.  “ I got a call from Janie Fox this morning.  She is so happy, she is huge and she and Ned love how big her belly is!  Dave, make be huge, I want to be as big maybe even bigger than Janie, feed me baby FEED ME!”

Sally started to waddled toward the kitchen with Dave right behind her poking her round bottom, “Hurry dear I don’t want to waste away!”

Dave called the office on his cell while feeding Sally her eight or ninth plate of waffles.  He said he might be in tomorrow, his wife needed some additional care.

Dave and Sally binged, gorged, stuffed themselves all day, though Sally made sure she got the most.

Her belly swelled and swelled with the massive feast of rich, fattening food.  Dave had to help her waddled to their bedroom to “sleep it off”.

When the kids got home they were stunned that the kitchen was nearly stripped of food.  It didn’t take them long to figure out what mom and dad had been doing once they saw their Dad’s bloated, swollen belly sticking out.

“Where’s Mommy?” asked the twins.  Dave burped, “Excuse me girls, Mommy is resting, she had a little too much to eat today.”

The girls giggled, “Is Mommy tummy really, really big and round!”  Dave had to chuckle, he new how much the twin admired their Mom’s huge orb of a belly. “Yes, girls, Mommy’s tummy is very, very round!”

That evening, Dave ordered in Pizza, Sally was just to huge to fit into any of her clothes and the house was stripped of food.  He had a dozen large pizzas delivered, two for the kids and ten for he and Sally!

True to her word, Sally gorged and binge her belly to larger than even Janie Fox’s massive belly.  Sally belly measured just over seventy inches around, several inches larger than Sally’s height!

The twins tried their hardest to emulate their mommy, Dave, Jr, with his mom’s help easily made the sumo team.  Sally had to retire from Belly Perm, she was just to big now to call on clients homes anymore!

Ned Fox’s investment banking firm bought Belly Perm on Ned’s recommendation especially after the board saw what their products did for Ned’s wife!

Sally was asked to be a consultant, which she immediately agreed to.
The Belly or Belly. Future fiction. Global warming has driven populations inside, wearing much less clothing and a very sedentary lifestyle. Medical science has eliminated obesity related illnesses. Weight gain during pregnancy is encouraged.
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DeviantFart666420 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  New Deviant
Love ya Ned but I have to say, when it gets really hot out the last thing I would want to do would be stuff myself. Like when the temperature is over 90 I just don't want to eat. So yeah
fanedfox Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016
One assumption I made writing this, is that, due to the heat, most people would be shut inside air conditioned homes/stores/cars/schools/offices, etc.  Therefor there would be nothing else to do, but eat.
If look at the obesity trends in America, the regions with the highest percentage of obesity are those in the south and Midwest with the brutally hot summers.
bubbler82 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015
and now get her pregnant with all the fat on her body ... would make her huge all over. that would be so sexy
fanedfox Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
True, but I like how permanent weight gain and fat are.

Ned Fox
dragonwilson Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student
expandingbellylover Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Another great story.  Boy do I wish the future was like this.  Actually I wish the present was like this. 
fanedfox Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Thank you for the kind comment.  I know, I would love this to be true today!  Imagine women trying to gain weight and get huge bellies to be in fashion, what a world it would be!

Ned Fox
JohnnyDrumz Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
You should make. Sequel to this. Just a younger girl and a starting customer. I love it
JohnnyDrumz Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015
If and when you do, notify me
fanedfox Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Thanks for the kind comments.  I might just to a sequel to this one.

Ned Fox
prettyvacant666 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
Can someone please invent this
fanedfox Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013

I know really!


Ned Fox

dragoncmdr Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
you really need to get these stories illustrated imo... also, actually invent belly perm
fanedfox Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
dragoncmdr: I know, I did do a couple of drawings for this story, but I don't know what I did with them. I agree with you on Belly Perm, abdominal expansion formula, I love the whole concept of it!


Ned Fox
phonein909 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009
Those are two messed up twins.
animagus716 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009
OMG One of your BEST ones yet if not THE BEST one I've ever read!!!!!!!! God only if this story could be a reality!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm AWESOME!!!!!
fanedfox Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009
Animagus716: Thank you so much for the compliment! I am working on a couple of more stories, hopefully to add soon!

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