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Evolution of a Feedee
By Ned Fox

Sally was petite, five-two, she now, weighed only one hundred and ten pounds.  She used to weigh around one-fifty in high school and she really did not mind being "chubby" as her mom put it.

Sally's Mom, sisters Janie and Susie were all heavy, well more likely obese.  The whole family had been fat pretty much their whole lives.

Sally was the only one who had gone to college and that was out in Colorado, where she fell into the fitness trap nearly immediately, getting assigned a "buff" roommate.

Sally had dated totally buff guys now since and during her college career and she was tried of the constant working out, all the dates revolving around some fitness activity.  She was really a "dinner, a show (movie) and ice cream after" kind of girl.

She confided in Janie, her older sister, while visiting over the Thanksgiving Holiday.
"Sally, why don't you just let go and enjoy yourself, do you really want to be on a diet the rest of your life?"  admonished Janie, standing in the kitchen in only panties and a t-shirt, neither one doing a good job of containing her girth.

Janie was the fattest of the daughters, only Mom was fatter than her.  Janie's husband too was very fat, nearly three-fifty.  He and Janie owned a restaurant where they spent seven days a week at.

Sally sighed, "I really would not mind gaining weight again.  But I want to find a decent guy.  I am afraid if I get too fat, I will not find anyone."

Janie giggled, "Come with me".

Sally followed her waddling sister into the den, Janie lowered herself, heavily, into the chair in front of the computer and logged on.

Janie brought up her favorite site.  "Fantasy Feedee" Sally just looked on over her shoulder.  

"Sally, see, there are a lot of guys who love fat girls."  Said Janie.  Sally was stunned, she had never thought that guys would be into fat chicks.  But what really got her attention was the feedee/feeder section.  To think that guys or for that matter girls too, would actually feed their significant other to fatten them up for sexual gratification really turned her on!

"Janie, can I look through this site for awhile, Alone, please."  Janie giggled in reply, "Sure sis, enjoy yourself!"  Janie got up from the chair and waddled back into the kitchen.  Her appetite was stimulated every time she went to the site.

Sally was enthralled.  She surfed through the site looking at profiles, pictures and posts.  Nearly two hours into her "epiphany" Sally nearly shrieked out loud.

There was a picture of a guy, wearing a tight "Speedo" style black bikini brief, sticking out a modest paunch and she recognized him from work!  She went to his profile and sure enough, she knew exactly who he was!

It was Ned Fox from the marketing department.  Sally thought, "I have seen him around, nice enough and really not bad looking either, but he has never made an effort to talk to me."  Sally sat for a minute and then it hit her, "Duh, no wonder he has never hit on me.  He loves this site and I am so slim now, of course he would not be attracted to me."

To her surprise, Ned was online at that moment.  She sent a message, using Janie's login.
"Ned, what a surprise, we work together!  I would like to talk to you, can we get together?" she typed.

Ned responded almost immediately, "Is Janie your real name or just a screen name, I don't know of anyone at work, named Janie."

Sally typed back, "Ned, Janie is my sister.  My name is Sally.  I work in accounting."

He typed back, "Oh Sally, I have seen you around the office.  You are really cute, but, uh thin too."

Sally giggled, "Thank you for the compliment Ned.  I am thin, now, but that could change! Lol.  Ned I really would like to meet you."

Ned, stunned, typed back.  "How about Monday for lunch?"

Sally giggled again to herself, "How about Monday for dinner?  I don't want to worry about eating to much and having to go back to work!"

Ned typed back.  "Date!"

Sally signed off, but not before creating her own login account.

Sally went to her room and took off her pants and blouse and pulled on a t-shirt for some modesty and went down to the kitchen.

Janie looked up, "Hey girl where are your pants?"  Sally giggled, "Hey you don't have any on, why should I?"  Janie said, slapping her huge belly, "Because I am stuffing myself as usual and I can ruin clothes doing that." She giggled.

Sally told Janie all about Ned Fox at work and setting up a date.  She even told her about her comments about how her weight could change!

Sally then asked, "Janie, can you help me with some "weight training"  I want to show Ned some more of me for our first date!"

Janie shrieked, "Sally you have come to the right person.  This weekend is the best weekend of the year for gaining weight!  Put your skinny little bottom in that chair and let big sister take good care of you!"

Janie spent the whole Thanksgiving weekend stuffing Sally to capacity.  The rest of the family was overjoyed that skinny little Sally was finally coming to her senses and putting on weight.

Sunday afternoon, Sally was giggling and getting turned on trying to fit into her jeans.  Under Janie's tutelage, she had gained nearly ten pounds!  Sally settled for leaving her jeans un-snapped and her t-shirt riding up on her newly plump tummy.

On Monday morning, Sally carefully selected her sexiest dress to wear.  She made sure she had on tight panties and a bra from maximum panty lines.  The dress was short, so it showed off her new pounds!

Ned came by her accounting early.  He was stunned when he saw Sally, clearly she had gained weight in only a few days since their email/chat room exchange!  She was eating donuts too!  How awesome!

"Hey Sally good morning!" said Ned walking up to her desk.  "I am really looking forward to our date tonight.  Any thoughts on where you would like to go to?"

Sally giggled and swallowed her third donut, "Ned how about the new buffet on Main Street, I have heard the food is really great and it is all you can eat, too!"

Ned blushed.  Never is his wildest dreams did this ever happen to him.  A hot girl, not only wanted him to take her out, but she wanted to overeat in front of him!

"Sally that sounds great to me, let's leave right from here, ok?"  stammered Ned.

"Perfect!" giggled Sally.  "I can't weight!"  She absent ran her hand over her visibly growing tummy and reached for her fourth donut!

Five thirty sharp Ned came down to Sally's desk.  "You ready?"  he asked.  Ned knees almost buckled when he noticed that Sally's trash can was overflowing with pastry and candy wrappers.

"Oh Ned I am so ready, I am starving!  Let's go, I can't weight to have something to eat!"  Sally giggled, noticing that Ned was checking out her bloated belly and growing bottom cheeks.

When the couple got to the buffet, Sally was giddy she was so excited.  She really wanted to impress Ned be getting totally stuffed tonight!

Ned paid and the couple got trays and started to make their selections.  Sally loaded her tray with four entres, a couple of sides, including "mac & cheese" and mashed potatoes, smothered in butter.  She shoveled the food in to her mouth and got Ned to go back to the line for her to get "refills".

Two hours later, a stuffed, bloated, engorged and never happier Sally sat slouched in the booth.  Her belly, swollen with thousands of calories of rich, heavy food, was lifting up her now tight dress, showing off a nice panty view.

Ned could only stare in awe at the best date he had ever had.  "Sally, are you ready to go, babe?"  Sally burped.  "BURP, hic, URP, Yes, Urp, Ned, Urp, Sorry excuse me.  I think I have a little too much to eat tonight, BUUURRRP.  You are going to have to help me I think I am too stuffed to walk myself!"

Ned helped Sally get to her feet.  "Hold me up, Ned please." Said Sally.  Ned wrapped his arm around Sally, his hand sinking into her plump love handles right on the straining waist band of her panties.

Ned got Sally to his car and while she was getting in her dress slid up, revealing her bloated, bulging tummy.  Ned had to stifle a gasp.

Ned came around to the driver's side and slid in beside Sally.  "Ned, can you help me with my seat belt, I am so full!"  Ned reached over Sally engorged abdomen for the seat belt clip.  Sally kissed him hard on the lips, Ned could still taste Sally's last hurrah, a huge slice of cheese cake smothered in chocolate and caramel sauce.

"Ned I hope you don't think I am some sort of freak or slut, but have never, ever had a better date in my life!  You are going to have to help me into my apartment, I am just so stuffed and full!"

"Sally, you are the most fantastic date I have ever taken out!  I will do anything for you, you are so HOT!"  gasped Ned.

They got to Sally's apartment building and Ned had to help Sally up to her unit.  She un-locked the door and asked, "Ned I am so embarrassed, but can you help me out of this dress, I can barely move I am still so full!"

Ned gladly helped Sally out of her clothes.  He almost passed out with desire and constantly had remind himself this was only the first date!  He helped Sally pull on a tight t-shirt.

Sally reached out and pulled Ned close to her. "Ned, I want to have you over for some "fun" on Friday night!  I need to do some more "weight training" this week, but I am really falling for you!"  They kissed long and hard.  Ned ran his hands over Sally's amazing body, just barely staying in control.

During the week, Ned and Sally went out to lunch three times and all three times Sally stuffed herself to point of nearly being sick!  Ned loved every minute.  Sally would come up to Marketing in tight skirts, slacks and dresses showing off her expanding figure, driving Ned crazy with desire, but she was not being a tease about, she would let Ned run his hands over her and make out in some discreet locations in the office.

Friday finally came and none to soon for our favorite couple.  Ned knocked on Sally's door and she called, "Come in Ned, it is open."  

Ned walked in and almost passed out with desire and utter shock.

Sally was dressed in only a pair of tight, black bikini panties and a tight t-shirt, with the words, "My Favorite Feedee" on the front, just below, Sally plump little boobs.  She had gained another five pounds during the week and now weighed one twenty five.  She had grown (and was growing) a nice pot belly and her bottom cheeks were trying to escape her panty.

The dining table was covered with rich fattening foods, pastries, casseroles, mashed potatoes, ice cream, pastas, rich sauces, beer and wine.  There was a large chair at the end of the table with a second smaller chair next to it.

Sally walked up to the still stunned speechless Ned, making sure here body jiggled.  She started to take off Ned's clothes.  "On your profile, you said you were a "brief" man, I certainly hope so.  I will be mad at you if you showed up for my surprise wearing boring boxers!"

Ned chuckled, finally regaining his composure.  "Bikini briefs for you tonight Sally!"

Sally started to tear up.  "Ned, I hope you are the man I think you are!  I want you to feed me!  I want to become your feedee and you my feeder!"

Ned's reaction was physical rather than verbal.  Sally just took his hand and laid it on her awesome belly, "Feed Me, Baby, Feed Me!"

Sally plopped her plump little bottom in her chair and Ned took the other and began a feeding frenzy that lasted the entire weekend!  They went to bed after midnight on Friday, Ned helping an engorged Sally to bed.  The next morning he fed her a massive breakfast in bed, Sally snacked away the morning while Ned cooked, hamburgers, brats and heavy salads for lunch.  Dinner was several deep dish pizzas, bread sticks and liters of regular pop.

They slept in on Sunday, Ned turned the day into a massive brunch for Sally feeding her all day.  

On Sunday night, Ned helped his engorged, distended, bloated, sated and turned on girlfriend to bed.  They had just weighed Sally she had gained fifteen pounds in two days and two nights of feeding bliss!  She now weighed one forty pounds.

During their Feedee weekend, they had taken pictures and posted them on "Fantasy Feeder".   Janie was constantly sending Sally encouraging emails to keep eating!

On Monday, Sally had barely anything to wear.  The evening she and Ned went to Wal-Mart and bought increasing larger and larger stretch pants, panties, bras, skirt and dresses for Sally's ever expanding figure.

Ned and Sally spent every weekend in feeder/feedee bliss.  The couple decided to surprise Sally's family, with the exception of Janie, with her newly fattened body. They drove to Sally's family's home for the Christmas holiday.

Ned and Sally walked up to the door.  Well Sally actually waddled, she now weighed over one-sixty pounds.  Mom opened the door and almost fainted at the sight of her once skinny little daughter, now a round little butter ball!

They had a fantastic weekend, virtually non-stop eating for the girls and the fat in-laws.  Ned asked Sally to marry him, which of course Sally excepted, which triggered a celebratory gorge!

Janie and Sally were standing in the kitchen News Years Day.  Janie in panties and a t-shirt and Sally, still wearing bikinis, but just barely, her tummy was getting so large, she would soon need more support than bikinis offered.  Her t-shirt riding up nearly to her still modest, but plumper boobs.

Janie bumped Sally in the belly with her belly, causing both of them to giggle.  "So how fat are you going to let Ned feed you to?"  asked Janie, poking Sally soft jiggling belly.

Sally bumped her back.  "I think I want to be at least as big as you!  But we want to get married this spring and I don't want to be so huge that Ned and I look weird together."

Ned and Sally left a few hours later.  On the drive home, Ned asked, "So what were you and Janie talking about?"  Sally giggled, "Janie wanted to know how fat we wanted me to get!"

"So what did you tell her? Asked Ned, his own image of how fat Sally should be in his mind.

"I told her, as big as she is at least!" giggled Sally.  "But I told her I did not want to be to fat for the wedding.  How does that sound to you, oh great feeder?"

The next day at the office it was announced the Ned and Sally would be married in May.  It came as no surprise to anyone who new either Ned or Sally, they had become quite an item at the office.  

Most everyone was surprised at how much weight Sally had gained since Thanksgiving, she had become quite fat in many people's opinion, but both of them were very likable.

The wedding was fantastic, a great service and the reception was the subject of hours of conversation back at work.

The reception was a massive buffet, open bar, a full band and dancing.  Most everyone commented how the bride's side of the wedding party sure could eat.  Sally greeted nearly everyone coming through the receiving line with her mouth full and her dress appeared to get tighter and tighter as the day went on!

After a three week honeymoon cruise on which Sally, being fed by Ned, gained another twenty pounds, now weighing near one eighty five.  The couple returned to work.

Ned and Sally went right back to their pre-engagement routine; weekend feeding sessions, sedentary and no exercise.  Sally loved every minute of it and so did Ned!

The office gossips soon noticed to their glee that an already fat Sally was gaining more weight and noticeably getting bigger!  Sally was not shy at all about her expanding body, she wore tight stretch pants, skirts and dresses that accentuated her round assets.  

Sally and Ned were regulars on "Fantasy Feeder" posting dozens of pictures of Sally's expanding body.  Janie and Sally regularly emailed and called each other to brag about the over-eating prowess.

The Thanksgiving weekend finally rolled (or waddled) around.  Ned helped a now two hundred and thirty pound Sally into their larger new car and headed for her family's house.

Of course everyone was thrilled to see how much more weight Sally had gained since the wedding and Ned was the son in law who could do no wrong since transforming their daughter into an adorable fatty!

Sally stripped off her stretch pants and top. She waddled down to the kitchen to show Janie, how big she was.  Sally had graduated to "granny" panties.  Her belly was so large that bikini panties did not support her, though she did have some bikini swim suits.

When Sally waddled into the kitchen, Janie gasped and started crying, "Oh Sally, you look awesome!  I can not believe that it was only a year ago you were so skinny!  You have more than doubled your weight!  You are so awesome and Ned, Ned should get the Nobel prize for feeding!"
Ok for those of you who are really into female only. Here is a new one for you. I have another that I am working on too. I know my last few submissions have been male or both. So thanks for your patience!
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Heidi-Hollister1681 Featured By Owner Edited 11 hours ago  New Deviant
Good job.
thundeus Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
I'm okay with both its the feeding part I love
Jeankitem Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
bon travail !!!! YES !!!!
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I, too, prefer female only WG. Sally sounds lovely. I'd like to read of her further progress at Janie and Nick's hands. Love, food, and female bellies make such a lovely, growing combination.
bbwluvr3000 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
I agree...let's try some new names...are all they stories based on parts of your life?
polarisrose Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
Hmm, went in the wrong place when submitted...
But you can tell where it was supposed to go.
polarisrose Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
Ned, I have to disagree,
I like it that your male protagonists have your name.
It appears that you are happily married, nice!
However, don't underestimate the friendly fun some of us girls get from imagining you as our very own 'Neddie'.

Keep up the good work!
Personally, I favor the mutual gaining stories,
Nothing better than a big warm belly in the small or your back while held.

Best wishes.
fanedfox Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010
Dear S.

Yes I am happlily married. Which is why I think that I perfer mutual gaining for my protagonists.

Thanks for the feed back.

Ned Fox
REALLESSdavampiregir Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010
stuffedbellylover Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010

I say nice story but Barkis is right as your heros and heroins always have the same names...

Best wishes,

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great work, sally :D
Antfire Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
yup i like n i just wanted girls only ty for it :)
Barkis1 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010
I have only one thought: Quit naming your males after your self.
fanedfox Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
Barkis: Yeah I know, that is a little creepy. I will take your advice and use other names for my "heroes".

Ned Fox
Barkis1 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
Not creepy as much as over done.
midnightwish15 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010   Writer
Femalw Wg FTW
Jenniroundfield Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010
Ned, this was great gaining story, thanks!
(Now if your girls could just make it to SSBBW size...)
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